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We traveled from Cape Town South Africa, back to the Netherlands. We crossed Africa, the Middle East, Western Asia (Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey) and Europe. Here you find a of overview of the route we drove so scroll down to view our tracks. Get inspired!


Track total

track total


Tracks in South Africa

Route Zuid Afrika


Tracks Botswana

Route Botswana


Tracks Zambia

Route Zambia


Tracks Malawi 

Route Malawi


Tracks west Tanzania (B8)

Route Tanzania B8

Tracks Rwanda

Route Rwanda


Tracks Uganda

Route Uganda


Tracks Kenya

tracks kenya


Tracks Ethiopia

tracks ethiopia


Tracks Sudan

tracks sudan

Tracks Saudi Arabia

Tracks Saudi Arabia

Tracks Emirates

tracks Emirates

Tracks Oman

tracks Oman

Tracks Iran

tracks Iran

Auto checken Tiblisi
Sink hole Oman
Piramides van Meroe
Simien Mountains
Veel wild in de Ngorogoro Krater
Mooie zonsondergang Uganda
Congo Nile trail Rwanda
Banden spanning aanpassen
Lion in Botswana