After 2 weeks of Addis Ababa we are back on the road again

Simien Mountains

After about two weeks in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, we solved the problem of overheating the left wheel hub. After 5 days of Toyota garage it was still not solved, they were not even clear what the problem was. My patience fell to a depth point on day 3. It is very tiring when you are finally taken seriously after two days, but have to start over again in the morning of day 3. We had to tie the chef’s workshop around the car in the direction of the ring road to show that if we make speed without braking the problem was still there. When he felt it himself, there was finally progress !!

The disease of the car finally found

All parts that were replaced in Nairobi have been replaced and checked again. Brake overhauled, brake line replaced, wheel bearing replaced, looser rotated. After each adjustment, everyone looked at the wheel that was going to make its first turn, but unfortunately again disappointment, the hub did not turn smoothly. Eventually we went back to the weekend to do the same with outside help lines (thank Nico and Bram!) And also replaced the brake hose. Wheel bearing turned loose again and then it was good !! Yes finally continue towards the Simien Mountains.

The city life of Addis Ababa

Fortunately we found Addis Abeba a very pleasant city to stay in. Although the first impression of the city was not too good. Filthy, crowds, chaos, bad hotels, beggars etc. We started to appreciate the city after a few days. The people are super friendly, the fruit shakes with layers of divine, in the small streets there is plenty to see, We obviously visited Lucy (first human of 3.2 million years found in Ethiopia) so we have great fun. As in most cities in Africa, the contrast between wealth and poverty is great, only this city feels a lot safer, so you can stroll around with a bag without problems through the many streets.

Around North Ethiopia

From Addis Abeba we drove towards Bahir Dar, where we found a nice accommodation at manhuie backpackers. Sure you can park the car inside. We only had to raise the fence with mango and lime trees, so that the car could really get through.

4500 meter passes!

Then on to Debark, to the start of the Simien mountains. A nature reserve with mountain tops above 4000 meters and with the highest peak in Ethiopia; Race dashes of 4543 meters. In the context of safety (read work), it is mandatory to bring a scout (including shotgun) with you. Our new friend was so crammed in the back of the car and was fortunately very good at spotting animals. We even saw 3 times the rare Ethiopian wolf.

The camping spot at 3600 meters was super cold so we had our friend in the front of the car to sit because we also found it silly to leave him in a blanket under the car. Unfortunately, at night it started to thunder so heavily and to rain that we also had to move inside. The rest of the night we were sleeping in the back and our friend was waiting in the front with his gun!
It was a super nice route through the park over a mountain pass of 4300 meters. Everywhere the special ‘Gelade monkeys’, many deer, in the morning the wolves looking for rats. Wonderful to be in nature again.

Our route continues towards the north of Ethiopia where we can drive many more beautiful roads and via the rock churches towards the Danakil depression.

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