Splatter on the Congo Nile Trail in Rwanda

Congo Nile trail Rwanda

Wow the Congo Nile trail was really great! Fantastic views over Lake Kivu and the countryside of the area. Everywhere you stop there are curious children next to the car.

The Congo Nile Trail; A walking path in the form of a motorway

From Kibuye we drove via Kinunu to Gisenyi. In Kinunu we had a nice campsite, only this was meant for walkers. The road to it became worse and worse until there were so many astonished faces that we strongly questioned whether it was feasible. The GPS had also given up. According to him, we drove on a road that did not exist! With happy faces, the residents always happily pointed us in the right direction (haha there was only one place where these mzungus could go).

There were deep potholes in the road that also went down steeply or he was partly beaten away by the rain, bridges that were dubious. PPfff over the last 10 kilometers we have done 2 hours! Fortunately just before the sun went down we saw the campsite, a small paradise where we could fold our tent and enjoyed the cold beers!

On local visits in Kayove and Gisensy

The next morning we had agreed with Anselma, a contact of Roel’s uncle and aunt who knew where they lived in the 80’s and who could show us the surroundings. He had worked as a mayor in the area himself, so he knew all the places. Through the old house in Kayove, immediately a tour in the village through the church, the hospital, the town hall, his house and everyone he had to say hello to, we drove on to Gisensy. We were allowed to sit down for dinner, a room was prepared for us and it was a special experience to experience Rwandan culture and hospitality as close as possible.

From Lake Kivu to Uganda

After a few wonderful days at Lake Kivu, where Suus could go loose on the local market, we drove towards the border of Uganda. Because the time in Rwanda is over, we had no idea what our route in Uganda would actually be. We drove directly to Lake Buyonyi where we spent a week ‘vacation’ to find out the next steps in Uganda.

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