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More than a week on the road!

What does it seem like a long time since we were at Schiphol. It was really a bit of a struggle to arrive at the first reserved destination in Botswana. Because of our planned holiday, the route for the first 3 weeks was already recorded there. But first South Afika!

Pick up our LandCruiser from the port

The most exciting moment was of course: is the car in the harbor in Cape Town? Sure enough, he was waiting for us and it was a very special sight! We expected to be on the road straight away, but we had been demolished by the hectic weeks before. Yet only one day to take the time to get him ready and receive tips from other overlanders. Then on the road and what is Cape Town and surroundings super nice!

The table mountain, the pristine coast of South Africa with views of whales and penguins. We would have liked to see much more of it, so if driving back to NL does not work, there is no punishment to return to this. The days after that were long days on the falls. The vineyards made way for dry plains with lots of animals along the way (deer, battles, ostriches, tortoises, birds of prey etc.) and with max 95km per hour and the necessary stops we have made days of 10 hours.

The first adventures

Our first days camping took care of the first adventures. Suus was locked up in the shower, fortunately Roel had not yet fallen asleep and he could come to rescue her with tools. The following night we seemed to have found an idyllic spot, but that quickly turns into a hellish adventure at night. It was so intense and right above us that we had to get out of the tent twice at night to check the safety of the car. Well a fanatic beautiful face all those flashes around us straight down! Then a night with gusts of wind that allowed the roof tent to go in all directions. We were afraid that he would fail, fortunately the nights after were quieter 😉

Border South Africa to Botswana

A small 1,300 kilometers further was the first border post there. The Dutch cheese hidden in the bag because we were told by everyone that they would check the car and confiscate animal products, but after a few curious glances because the wheel was on the other side, the inspection was finished. A few stamps, local road tax, stamps for the carnet (passport of the car) and on to Botswana!

After the 1900 km that we have had to travel to reach the first reserved destination, we finally continue Botswana at an African pace.

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