Rwanda; the country where no road is straight!

De nieuwsgierige mensen onderweg in Rwanda

We walk a bit behind, but lately have not had many places where the internet was stable enough to put all the photos on the blog and of course we have been busy with special places to discover and meet nice people. Time flies and we are now in Rwanda!

After the B8, poverty in Zambia and Malawi was a relief for us to enter Rwanda. Nice asphalt, all kinds of fruit and vegetables and fresh bread in almost every village on the main road. For us a huge contrast with the west side of Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia, where we have mainly seen tomatoes, onions and mangos.

Two Dutch people and the Belgian

At the first campsite in Rwanda, where we had to open the gate ourselves to be able to stand there, we met two Dutch and one Belgian. Roos works here as a volunteer for VSO and Emanuel and Wouter had come to visit her for a vacation. A nice evening soon resulted in new appointments for Kigali. With their backpacks in the back of our car we meet again in the capital to discover them further. Of course to the memorial of the genocide, which left a deep impression. After a few days in the capital Kigali we drove to Butare where Roos lives. She had organized a party for all volunteers in Rwanda who were also working for VSO and we were also invited and were able to unfold our tent in the enormous garden.

Fun and interesting to hear all the stories of the volunteers, some of whom do not even have running water and have to go to the well for water. We have woken up again with a male. Roos took us to explore the area and therefore became acquainted with the best coffee tent, the Chinese, the lunchtentjes, the local market and the surroundings. Super this kind of spontaneous encounters!

The rainforest in Nyungwe National Park

After a few days it was time for us to continue towards Nyungwe National Park, where we were surprised about the beautiful nature in this rainforest. We have done several walks and it was a fantastic way to drive through. The forests that turn into tea plantations, really super green. There is really no way straight, so after every turn a super nice view over the valley where various products are grown.

A lot of ants in the tent

We also became acquainted with an ant highway. They had figured out that it was a good route to crawl up through the line of the tent, to the inside along the mattress and through the other side again. Back to the ground along the car. Aaahhhhhhh hundreds of ants in the tent is no fun if you just want to go to sleep, but well half an hour later, little spray and everything was free again!

The Congo Nile trail

We continue our way in Rwanda via the Congo Nile trail, a route along Lake Kivu that you can walk, mountain bike or drive a 4×4. This route again created the necessary challenges. This time not because of the rain (the dry season has started) but the results of the rainy season and thus lost roads! To be continued;-)

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