Uganda’s Gorillas, green hills and avocados

Lake Buyonyi Uganda

Our few days of relaxing at Lake Bunyonyi were soon extended daily. It was a lovely place on the lake, where we met many nice people and started exploring the area. Wandering around the local market with all her boats that come along the whole morning full of goods. Sailing across the lake between all small islands. On a far too hot mountain bike into the hills and looking for nice eateries.

After 7 days the car was clean again, the laundry done, books out, the route in Uganda mapped out and we were ready for the Uganda adventure. Our first stop via small roads towards Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is known as a piece of pristine tropical rainforest and the Gorillas that live there.

The national parks in Uganda

In Uganda you pay an additional 150 dollar extra on top of the park fee for a car with a foreign license (yes they are not really commercial, you do not attract tourists to your park). We decided to save the money from the parks for the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro crater in Tanzania and in Uganda only the free ‘public roads’ through the parks.

These small roads were fantastic, narrow, gravel and dusty, sometimes with mud and straight through the rainforest interspersed with villages, tea plantations and other crops. We overnight at community camps that were often simple, but with super friendly staff and beautiful views of the jungle.

Gorillas on our campsite at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is also the national park where everyone goes for the gorillas in Uganda. Here too we have thought about it, but the $ 600 per person that you have to pay for this we found really completely out of balance. Especially when you realize that most of this money does not end up in the right place. So we decided to enjoy nature and all the other monkeys we encountered along the way.

The gorillas probably agreed with us, because the next day they came to the campsite !! We have been able to view them for hours. Of course from a little more distance, but also from 50 meters they were very impressive!

Elephants in Queen Elisabeth National Park

Our road continued towards Queen Elisabeth national park. Here again right through the park on the public gravel road along the lake. The rainforest made way for the savannah and we were again treated to elephants! We stopped because there was an elephant crossing and kept waiting in case one more would cross. Haha well it was not one … There was a procession of more than 40 elephants! Big, little ones, very special to see.

Abundance of fresh products

Uganda is a wonderful country to travel through, friendly people everywhere, very safe, fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere. For your image we are here in the season of avocados (4 for 30 cents) pineapples (2 for 50 cents) and passion fruit (10 for 30 cents). Our lunch consists of a fresh chapati (kind of tortilla) that is made throughout the day. Avocado and ready. Or the so-called ‘Rolex’ a chapatto with egg, lettuce and tomato. We are so entertained in this wonderful country!

Onze route tot nu toe is ook bijgewerkt en te zien op de pagina tracks

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