Usambara Mountains, Tiwi beach and back to Nairobi

Ondergelopen wegen

Camping during the rain, that’s what it is: -)

Before we visit Nairobi we first drive from the Ngorogoro crater to the Usambara Mountains on our way to the coast in Tanzania. After more than a week of wildlife parks, we are just enjoying a meal again when we are surprised by a storm. We should have recognized the signs now. Sudden gusts of wind, so hard that we have to hold the tent. Just the moment we want to go into the tent the storm and rain start! Do you opt for security or for your tent?

Safety of course, so and the rest of the evening we spend in the car with a beer. Roel in the back, so that he can free the canopy from the water via the back of the car, without this time standing in the water with the storm! Suus with a beer and a book in the front! Unfortunately, it goes on all night and has the next morning when the sun finally breaks through more than 12 hours! Especially Roel thinks camping is great when it rains like that 😉

Villages flooded

On the way to the Usambara Mountains we see in the village the havoc that the rain has left behind there. Everything is under water including all roads. With our car we do not have much trouble with that, but this is obviously different for the many passenger cars driving around. On the deep parts in the road they turn off their engine and the Masai push the cars through the water. That way they also earn something again. Roel makes some friends by giving too much gas at the last bit. The wave that is caused causes the Masai’s robes to be washed immediately, oops 😉

Driving through the Usambara Mountains

Before we go to the warm coast we decide to spend a few days in the Usambara Mountains. On the advice of many, we drive to Irente Farm . There we enjoy the nature, the peace, the hospitality of the German owners. We walk through the area and enjoy the delicious food produced by the farm. A gravel route of 50 kilometers (read 3 hours) takes us further into the mountains. Through small villages, past markets, cattle markets to the peak of a campsite at Mambo Vieuwpoint . Wow what a place, really fantastic views over the valley with views over Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Wake up and view of the clouds, what a bad life we ​​have anyway 😉

Tiwi Beach: Campfire, fresh lobster, Gin Tonic and stories

Via the coast of Tanzania we cross the border again to Kenya to meet in Tiwi Beach, Baru and Robert again. We met the two Czechs in Nairobi and also experienced hilarious moments while traveling. They are on their way to the south of Africa so we decide to visit each other again for a few nice days at the coast in Kenya. With Gin Tonic, a campfire, strong stories, fresh fish and lobster from the local fisherman on the beach, this is all right. A nice ending before we will take the hellish journey over the busiest road from Kenya (the Mombassa – Nairobi route). The road is so dangerous because it is actually a long procession of truck. They always pick each other up, assuming that everyone who drives on the road just turns to the roadside. We see accidents, are caught up once by overtaking trucks on the left and right by overtaking lorries and are very happy that we get Nairobi unscathed!

At Jungle Junction in Nairobi we meet Danja and Torsten, a German couple who drive from Germany to the south of Africa. We also see Katja again. She comes from Slovakia and drives an engine from South Africa. So it’s nice evenings where the necessary information and stories are exchanged. Of course we clean up the car again, carry out maintenance and we prepare for our next adventures in Ethiopia Sudan and the Middle East!

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