After two weeks of farewell to Ethiopia | Lalibella | Danakil Depression Simien


After the impressive Ethiopian landscapes of the Danakil Depression we went further to Lalibella. A holy city in Ethiopia with special rock churches. The journey to it was a real challenge. We thought we had found a path that was shorter, it turned out to be a road through the mountains that was hardly used anymore. The gravel and mud made it a slippery trip when we also ended up in a fixed rain shower. Although we always try to be somewhere before dark, unfortunately we did not succeed in this trip, but fortunately safely reached our final destination.

The churches of Lalibella

Lalibella was in the 13th century the capital of the Ethiopian empire and after Aksum it is still the most important holy place in the country to this day. There are a lot of pilgrims and on Sundays it is full of people who come to the services at the churches. Particular to see and to observe the people. The many dilapidated houses that were made for the supervisors in front of the churches are in stark contrast to the structures they built in the 13th century.

Relax a few days at Lake Tana

After wandering around in this area for a day, it is time for us to continue. The road to the border with Sudan is still a long journey and the start date of our Sudanese transit visa begins to tick. We stop on the way at Lake Tana on the advice of many fellow travelers. And indeed Tim and Kim Village is a wonderful place to relax for a few days and mentally prepare us for the warmth that is coming. In summer time in the middle east is not really a planning trip, but we can not be anywhere in the best time of the year 😉

A bird paradise

The campsite of our last days in Ethiopia is on the lake and there are an incredible number of birds. Suus encounters an owl that flies away from her nose during an expedition and thinks she has found a safe place. Unfortunately, the couple that just have a litter there do not agree and they fly away with two to attack the owl. Fantastic to see.

On the way to the border with Sudan

The road to the border is perfect asphalt again. In Ethiopia, too, the Chinese see roads everywhere. Sometimes the new road goes straight through a village and then you see houses that have been demolished for half, but of which the back part is still inhabited! We also see many accidents along the way. Especially trucks that have not properly assessed a bend or lost control during a rain shower. Many of these accidents happen to us at night so the main reason is not to sit on the road.

We really enjoyed Ethiopia, what surprised us this country! Yet we also have a lot of sense in Sudan. Wondering how different this world is going to be and of course very curious if we can continue our way as we have in mind. With the boat to Saudi to drive back through the middle east.

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