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Car adjustments and enjoyment in a heavenly home in Oman


After dropping Ellen and Frank, it is time for us to get started with our favorite activity (not); Visa applications 😉 From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, back to Dubai, then wait again, after a week back again etc … Fortunately, the embassy does not need our passports so we decide to go back to Oman, where we are in the house from Roderick and Carlijn.

Enjoy in a heavenly home

Carlijn and Roderick have been living in Sohar for 3 years and are currently in the Netherlands. Roderick fortunately we have seen before we had agreed with Frank and Ellen, but unfortunately we miss Carlijn because we are a bit later in the Middle East than we initially thought. We have really tried camping in the Emirates, but we have to conclude that it is not possible to do it in a tent in the summer. 48 degrees with an atmospheric humidity of 80% where even at night the wind is still lying down is really without exaggerating ‘Sauna sleeping’! We thought, it will fall, no! Future overlanders; do not plan a trip in the summer in the middle east !!

The house is heavenly compared to our tent ;-). There is AIRCO ;-)! haha never thought that a man can be so happy! A bit of washing in the washing machine instead of with the hand. Yes, the first washing machine after 8 months !! We decide to spend the time (and the ability to put all things in somewhere) immediately useful and get started with the inside of the car. During the trip we made some minor adjustments, so we could also sleep inside in case of cold or bad weather, but it still was not. To do it really well, everything has to be at the same level. The refrigerator is permanently on the floor, the high cupboards out and other cupboards as high as the rest, so you can easily put mats on it. Our steven; to be able to sleep within a minute and not be busy in the thunderstorm, wind or cold for an hour to convert everything.

The metamorphosis of the second bedroom in our LandCruiser

No sooner said than done and after the thought work we started the next 4 days. Demolishing the current boxes (sorry Raf and Leen), on the road for new wood, sawing the wood for the Indians for a few euros, getting started at home with the installation of new cabinets. The whole thing refreshed with a lick of paint. Never thought that it would be so difficult not to drop any sweat drops on new paint 😉 The challenges of flickering in the warm temperatures, but we are super happy with the result and that we have taken in this. We would never have done this if we could not jump under a nice shower at the end of the day and cool off in a nice house! Ro and Car thanks again for your hospitality, we have super enjoyed your nice place !!

Hospitality in Oman and the Emirates

In the Emirates and Oman we have also experienced hospitality in various places. Regularly people stop at the traffic light or open their windows to wave, welcome us and ask if we need help. During the firing, an Omani comes to us, gesturing so that we have to go to the side. After a chat, he invites us to lunch with his family. Not much later we are at the fresh dates and a delicious fish curry, traditional tea with sweet delicacies and of course the whole family has been summoned.

Tea and dates are offered in many places. Also when making paint, tea is first made for us and in Muscat we find a note under the windshield of an Omani who wants to help. In the emirates it is exactly the same and the pump attendant comes to bring a cold Coke with ‘welcome to the emirates’. During the camping on the beach 3 boys arrive at 11 o’clock in the evening with a bag with cans of drinking water. What are super nice people. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that we do not have an Airco in our car and every time that comes up we see the short circuit in their eyes. ‘No AC? How do you survive? ”

With the ferry to Iran

After the warmth of Sudan, Saudi, Oman and the emirates, we ourselves are also done with the heat and we look forward to Iran, which is a bit higher and therefore more pleasant. We will miss the freedom and total security we have experienced in Oman and the emirates. We have heard similar stories about Iran, but of course it is different from Oman. Suus, for example, has to wear a headscarf everywhere, covering legs and arms. Pants are allowed, but there must be a long shirt so that your bottom is not visible and Roel can not wear shorts. A beautiful country with beautiful nature and very special mosques. So we are super curious!

The ferry crossing is a lot smoother this time than the previous one. In Dubai it is mainly waiting. We report at 11 o’clock in the morning, but finally leave at 9 o’clock in the evening. The next morning in Iran we walk 4.5 hours back and forth between the port and the offices and after 8 offices and many stamps further we are already reunited with the car. Our adventure in Iran can begin!

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