Mzungu, Muzungu! 4 weeks of fantastic Malawi

Zomba Plateau Malawi

We also wish everyone a happy and healthy 2016! On a new year with new developments and beautiful moments! We are now already 4 weeks in Malawi so we are a bit behind with the updates, but in a few blogs we will describe our experiences of the last weeks!

Malwai: A special country!

What has the time flown by and what have we experienced many beautiful adventures! We are very happy that we went to this country. Surprised by the beautiful nature, friendly people, friendly fellow travelers and challenging 4×4 tracks!

After Zambia we decided to drive to the south of Malawi towards the Zomba plateau and Mount Mulanje. Both are a lot higher so it is cool and very green. We have been able to drive nice paths here, which were a challenge mainly because of the rain, both for us and for the car! About roads that according to the GPS was really the main track, but in practice no more than a bike path where our car just fit!

Small roads through the mountains and many villages!

Really fantastic to drive this kind of roads and to see the pure reaction of the people in these areas. Total surprise because there are hardly any cars, let alone a ‘moving house’. Everyone swings from young to old. Children run as fast as they can to catch a glimpse and call ‘Mzungu, Mzungu’ (white). An old female spontaneously drops her stick to sway. Women at the water pump stop washing to greet us. Men raise their thumb! It is a huge contrast with driving through villages where many tourists come.

Unfortunately, the friendliness changes into begging and we hear ‘give me my money’ or ‘give me sweat’. Sad and especially very irritating. However, totally our own fault, because unfortunately there are still a lot of people who stop and just share stuff, sweets or money, which encourages begging.

The different faces of development projects

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa and the population, especially in the south, is growing enormously, so there is not enough food for everyone. It is therefore the country where we want most NGO projects. Every few meters something has been set up by the eu. Some work, some are totally neglected and some are only for appearances because the money never arrived at the project! The more we talk to people, the more we realize that there is a lot of trouble with these kinds of projects. Fortunately, we also see many local initiatives from people trying to help regionally!

Christmas at Laka Malawi

After the inland we drove towards lake Malawi, where we spent Christmas with other overlanders! Super cozy after 1.5 months as good as ever being the only one at the campsite, now again can exchange experiences, go out together and ride together pieces!

On the way and around Mount Mulanje

On the way to Lake Malawi

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