Playing in the Nyika National Park

Nyika National Park

We have had some wonderful and pleasant days at the lake. Albi had to recover from a bite from a snake that had crawled into his car! He was very lucky because the Green Mamba (a deadly snake) bites out, causing only a small amount of poison to end up in his blood. Yet another moment when we all realized that you always have to pay attention and we are happy that we are sleeping in the tent instead of in the car ;-).

Mock charge of an Elephant

We drove with his 3s to Nyika National Park where the rain had turned the park into a mud pool with the necessary challenges again! Just before a deep mud pool we saw a male elephant in the bushes. He was as frightened of us as we were of him, but when we went back a bit to take a run for the mud pool, he felt threatened and put in his mock charge. He arrived at our car and luckily we could do what we had read everywhere ….. Do nothing and be quiet!

It worked, a meter or 5 before the car stopped, he slowed down, continued to walk back and forth and then happily walked away! Albi had a fantastic view from the other side of the mud pool and we have a few gray hairs again!

Wild camping at 2400 meters!

The rest of the Nyika National Park was fantastic! Through the highlands at 2400 meters, wild camping in a super nice place with a magical view and of course the necessary mud puddles through the rain. Super to be able to drive this kind of trails with 2 cars, so you can help each other if one gets stuck. According to the rangers, the 4×4 trails were no longer to be done, but with a 4×4 it is also possible to do it in the rainy season and we have removed the trees that were over the road, so that they can continue their game drives; )

After the Nyika National Park we drove to Livingstonia via a gravel road, where we enjoyed a fantastic view of the Mushroom farm for a few days. Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to Albi because he left for Zambia and we are continuing our way to Tanzania. Again we find out that we are already 30 days in the country, but we have been able to enjoy this beautiful country with its inhabitants and look back on a super nice month!

Continued via Tanzania to Rwanda

Via Tanzania we drive towards Rwanda and Uganda. We will take the western route through Tanzania over the only highway (the B8) in this area. Saying it will also this road (more than 1000km and virtually no waste) for the necessary challenge worm because of the mud on some pieces and the trucks that are also struggling through, but we have been able to practice so we are ready for it !

En route through the outback to Livingstonia

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